Pyrroline | Ruins Outlast [EAR004]

Pyrroline 'Ruins Outlast' cover artwork.

Pyrroline ‘Ruins Outlast’ cover artwork.

3 years after the captivating Behind the Horizon”, Pyrroline strike back with a smashing complex dark electro masterpiece that will leave you yearning for more! The 15-track album titled Ruins Outlast” takes you on a journey of hope and despair and captures your thoughts through haunting melodies and intricate synth arrangements, immersing you into the constantly evolving world of Arnte & Schmoun. The mind-blowing 76-minute journey concludes with two electromalicious remixes by Jihad and Red+Test.

Pyrroline – Ruins Outlast [EAR004]

  1. Disobedience
  2. Effulgent
  3. Precious Time (feat. Michael Renfield)
  4. Again
  5. The Round
  6. An Animal
  7. The Enclave
  8. Ruins Outlast – Cultures Fall
  9. Incomplete
  10. Worlds Sorrow
  11. Godmode
  12. Only Living (The Holocaust Humanity Cover Song)
  13. Ultranova (Outro)
  14. Effulgent (Red+Test Remix)
  15. Disobedience (Jihad Remix)

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