Synaptic Defect | Initializing Insanity [EAR017]

Synaptic Defect 'Initializing Insanity' cover artwork

Synaptic Defect ‘Initializing Insanity’ cover artwork

Marc Tater, the mastermind behind the dark electro act Synaptic Defect, has been a strong supporter of Electro Aggression Records (EAR) since the very beginning. He contributed a hilarious track titled “Electrofreak” to the label’s star-studded compilation “Old School Electrology” 4-CD set and did amazing remixes for EAR bands. Fans have been expecting a Synaptic Defect album on EAR for years,  but great things take time to build. 

Marc started his musical journey in 1994 with the dark EBM project Evil Sermon. The duo released a split tape with LPF 12 called “Godfeeler/ Psychological Warfare” and played a few gigs in Germany. In 1995, Evil Sermon recorded new tracks that caught the attention of Alfred Kaenders, founder of the German electro-industrial label Celtic Circle Productions (CCP). He invited them to take part in CCP’s upcoming compilations. Between 1995 and 1996, Evil Sermon were featured in seven highly regarded compilations and they were on the verge of signing a record deal, but things didn’t go as planned. 

Following Evil Sermon’s break up in late 1997, Mr. Tater embarked on his solo career as Synaptic Defect. He released two well-received albums “Mechanical Oppression” (BLC Productions, 2004) and “World-Wide Life & Death” (Advoxya Records, 2008) and he steered clear of the futurepop/hellectro craze that dominated the early 2000s. He expressed a genuine interest in the emerging neo-old school electro scene that rose to prominence around 2008, but life is all about priorities. Marc became increasingly engaged in his professional career and raising his family. Thus, music had to take a back seat. 

In 2019, Nader Moumneh aka Mr. EAR encouraged Marc to write music again. After lengthy conversations with friends and like minded musicians, Mr. Tater decided to bring Synaptic Defect back to life. He started recording new songs in early 2020. The new album deals with Marc’s personal struggles (“Get Out”, “Fit for Flogging”,“The Inner Demons”, “Tacky Games” and “Scared Eyes Wide Open”), but it also tackles global challenges such as the social impact of COVID-19 and the surge in substance use as a way of coping with the pandemic (“The Lack of Empathy” and “Morphine”), systems of oppression (“In the Streets”), empty promises on climate targets (“The Pollution Generation” and “Lethal Radiation”), the growing refugee crisis in the Mediterranean Sea (“Killing Tides”) and last but not least, the Russian invasion of Ukraine (“From Dusk Till Dawn” and “Combat War”).

In 2023, Electro Aggression Records proudly presents Synaptic Defect’s shock and awe third album “Initializing Insanity” featuring TWENTY ONE Dark Electro/EBM tracks of the highest order and eleven remixes by the movers and shakers of the OLD-SCHOOL scene, namely, Pyrroline, Second Disease, tEaR!doWn, Sleepwalk, SERPENTS, Plastic Noise Experience, T.A.N.K. Terminal State, Trilogy and R010R. The jam-packed double disc is a true return to form. Welcome back Marc!

Release Date: December 18, 2023

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Synaptic Defect – Initializing Insanity [EAR017]

CD1 – “Initializing Insanity”

  1. From Dusk Till Dawn
  2. The Pollution Generation
  3. Morphine
  4. Get Out
  5. Lethal Radiation
  6. The Inner Demons
  7. We Are Not Alone
  8. Reset the System
  9. Fit for Flogging
  10. Combat War
  11. Tacky Games
  12. Sniper
  13. Killing Tides
  14. Scared Eyes Wide Open
  15. Initializing Insanity (Part 1)

CD2 – “Restoring Sanity”

  1. Initializing Insanity (Part 2)
  2. The Lack of Empathy
  3. Man Is Machine
  4. In the Streets
  5. Strike Back!
  6. Time Bomb
  7. Get Out (Pyrroline Remix)
  8. We Are Not Alone (Second Disease Remix)
  9. Tacky Games (Sleepwalk Remix)
  10. Combat War (Plastic Noise Experience Remix)
  11. From Dusk Till Dawn (Pyrroline Remix)
  12. Strike Back! (Serpents Remix)
  13. Man Is Machine (T.A.N.K. Remix)
  14. The Pollution Generation (Terminal State Remix)
  15. The Lack of Empathy (R010R Remix)
  16. Sniper (Trilogy Remix)
  17. Reset the System (tEaR!doWn Remix)

BONUS TRACKS (included with purchase of hard copy DCD or both digital releases):

**Morphine (Brain Leisure Remix)
**The Lack of Empathy (R010R Remix V.2)

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