Due to popular demand, EAR is proud to offer a variety of t-shirt designs showcasing the label and upcoming releases, designed by Michael Renfield (Soillodge / R010R). If this is something you’ve been waiting for (and we know there are some of you out there), now is the time to purchase and support your favorite label and/or bands. All merch is made on-demand via TeePublic.

The positives of using a third-party vendor such as TeePublic are many, and it’s a natural choice for a craft label such as EAR. Any of the following designs are fully customizable, with regard to type of shirt, fabric choice, color scheme, and more. You can even purchase these designs in a variety of other forms of merchandise including stickers, hoodies, long-sleeve shirts, magnet, coffee mugs, notebooks, pillows, etc.

The storefront where you will find these designs is located here. (Keep in mind there are multiple label designs, so we are just linking one label design below to help give more exposure to the band shirts). You may also click on any of the designs below to reach the individual design directly.

EAR Label Shirt – Design #1

Electro Aggression Records (EAR) label design #1

Electro Aggression Records (EAR) label design #1

Synaptic Defect – Initializing Insanity

Synaptic Defect 'Initializing Insanity' t-shirt

Synaptic Defect ‘Initializing Insanity’ t-shirt








Serpents – L’Âge d’Or

Serpents 'L’Âge d’Or' t-shirt

Serpents ‘L’Âge d’Or’ t-shirt



R010R – Total Disinformation Awareness

R010R 'Total Disinformation Awareness' t-shirt

R010R ‘Total Disinformation Awareness’ t-shirt