The Triple Tsunami has Arrived!!!

Freak weather incident rattles the electro-industrial community

Treat yourself this holiday season with the Triple Tsunami: R010R “Total Disinformation Awareness” 2CD, SERPENTS “L’Âge D’Or” 3CD & Synaptic Defect “Initializing Insanity” 2CD. EAR always gives its valued customers more than they bargained for: OVER TEN HOURS OF STELLAR OLD-SCHOOL PLEASURE!  Electro Aggression Records’ close-knit community wishes you a joyous holiday season and a great 2024!

Yours truly,
Nader Moumneh (aka Mr. EAR)

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R010R 'Total Disinformation Awareness' 2CD

R010R ‘Total Disinformation Awareness’ 2CD.


R010R 'Total Disinformation Awareness' 2CD and booklet

R010R ‘Total Disinformation Awareness’ 2CD and booklet.


Serpents 'L'Âge d’Or' 3CD

SERPENTS ‘L’Âge d’Or’ 3CD.jewel case.


Serpents 'L'Âge d’Or' 3CD and booklet

SERPENTS ‘L’Âge d’Or’ 3CD interior and booklet.


Synaptic Defect 'Initializing Insanity' 2CD

Synaptic Defect ‘Initializing Insanity’ 2CD.jewel case.


Synaptic Defect 'Initializing Insanity' 2CD and booklet

Synaptic Defect ‘Initializing Insanity’ 2CD interior and booklet.


The Triple Tsunami has arrived!

The Triple Tsunami has arrived!


Triple Tsunami CDs ready to ship

Triple Tsunami CDs ready to ship.