Trial | Für Zwei | [EAR014]

Trial 'Für Zwei' front cover art

Trial ‘Für Zwei’ front cover art

In 1991, a young electro duo consisting of Torsten Schröder (vocals, drums) and Erick Miotke (keyboards) burst onto the burgeoning EBM scene and drew immediate attention from the press. After a self-released tape titled “Conflict,” TRIAL got signed to the highly regarded German electro label Hypnobeat. In Summer 1992, the band’s lead single “Blut Und Eisen” took the EBM scene by storm and catapulted them to instant stardom! The maxi was followed a few months later by the highly-acclaimed debut album “Zero Feeling.”

Managed by the famous booking agent Kai Lotze, TRIAL put on great shows and shared the stage with the likes of Project Pitchfork on numerous occasions. Erick’s electronic wizardry and Torsten’s electrifying stage presence and charisma resonated greatly with the audience and they quickly became crowd favourites throughout Germany. In 1994, the duo released their sophomore album “Secret Pain” on Electric Blue/Ausfahrt Records. “Secret Pain” picked up where “Zero Feeling” left off and quenched TRIAL fans’ thirst for new tunes.

Soon afterwards, the duo chose different career paths and gradually drifted apart. Erick studied Arts and English, while Torsten decided to become a barber. They briefly reunited in 1997 to record “No Fate” EP featuring 9 mixes of the title track, but it was deemed “not commercial enough” by Ausfahrt Records and TRIAL were subsequently dropped from the label’s roster. Despite the setbacks, the duo remained confident in their abilities. They teamed up again at WGT 2001 and delivered an unforgettable performance. The memorable gig proved beyond the shadow of a doubt that TRIAL were still a force to be reckoned with.

In late 2008, TRIAL finally released their third album “No Fate” on their own label Maxsoniq Recordings. The double disc featured a bunch of new songs as well as new takes on the duo’s classics. Sadly enough, “No Fate” did not get the attention it deserves and TRIAL were disheartened by the lack of media coverage. In April 2011, Torsten decided it was time to leave the band and focus on his career. Shortly thereafter, TRIAL offered an exclusive track “Brothers in Arms-Old School Mission” to Electro Aggression Records’ star-studded compilation “Old School Electrology” 4-CD box (2011). It was a fitting end to the duo’s 20-year collaboration.

In August 2021, Electro Aggression Records (EAR) proudly unleashed the long-awaited TRIAL “Für Zwei” 3CD+DVD. The meticulously assembled collector’s set includes a 16-panel booklet showcasing vintage photo archives along with the band’s biography, a best of album, a live CD that captures the very essence of the duo’s energy, an exclusive album featuring loads of unreleased and newly produced material by Erick, and a DVD that shows TRIAL at their performance peak. In short, “Für Zwei” 3CD+DVD (limited to 500 units only) will unquestionably cement the duo’s Dark Electro/EBM legacy. Grab your copy while you can!

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Trial Für Zwei [EAR 014]  


  1. Für Zwei (Extended Single Mix)
  2. Alles
  3. Brothers In Arms (Check Up Mix)
  4. Feels Like
  5. God Is Dead (Extended Rework)
  6. Deeper (Under Zero Mix)
  7. War Bitter (Synthetic Mix)
  8. Defect (Rework)
  9. Für Zwei (Montana Mix)
  10. Blut Und Eisen (Torfeuer Mix)
  11. Beat Back
  12. Für Zwei (Styler Mix)
  13. Living The Dream
  14. I Speak To You (Finished Mix)
  15. You Want It
  16. Sleeping Dogs (Fury Pack Mix)
  17. No Fate (Shifter Mix)
  18. White Odyssee


  1. Dont You
  2. Für Zwei (Bunker Mix)
  3. Is It Worth It
  4. Obey
  5. Brothers In Arms
  6. Dreamstalker
  7. No Fate
  8. Deeper (Under Zero Mix)
  9. Feels Like
  10. Blut Und Eisen
  11. Snow
  12. Prisoner
  13. Drumsection
  14. Aids
  15. Too Late
  16. Limiter
  17. Für Zwei
  18. War Bitter
  19. Deeper


  1. Zero
  2. Strange II
  3. No More
  4. Diabolic
  5. Blut Und Eisen
  6. Aids
  7. Prisoner (Edit)
  8. Star
  9. Circles
  10. Sin
  11. Hunter
  12. Secret Pain
  13. Is It Worth It
  14. Obey
  15. Fear
  16. Sleeping dogs
  17. Suicide 2
  18. Fly My Soul


  1. No Fate
  2. Is It Worth It
  3. Prisoner
  4. Dreamstalker
  5. Hunter
  6. Sin
  7. Diabolic
  8. Secret Pain
  9. Fear
  10. Snow
  11. Für Zwei
  12. War Bitter
  13. Deeper
  14. Don´t You
  15. Obey
  16. Brothers In Arms
  17. Feels Like
  18. Blut Und Eisen
  19. Drumsection
  20. Too Late

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    • Hallo Helge! Yes, the Trial can now be pre-ordered. Please see the ordering link now at the bottom of the article. If you are ordering from Germany you will want to click the German Customers option. Danke.

    • Hallo Denis! Yes, the Trial can now be pre-ordered. Please see the ordering link now at the bottom of the article. If you are ordering from Germany you will want to click the German Customers option. Danke.

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