Serpents | L’Âge d’Or [EAR016]


Serpents 'L'Âge d’Or' cover artwork

Serpents ‘L’Âge d’Or’ cover artwork

The German EBM act SERPENTS was founded in March 1988 by Kazim Sarikaya and Stefan Kuboteit. Frank Heiner and Nicole Altmann joined the band a few months later. They released three highly sought-after tapes “The Clock Strikes the Midnight” (1989), “Until Eternity” (1990) and “L’Âge d’Or” (1992). Thereafter, SERPENTS became a leading member of the burgeoning Dark Electro/EBM scene along with Second Voice, Plastic Noise Experience, Project Pitchfork and TRIAL. 

After a few line up changes, SERPENTS released their critically acclaimed debut  “Terminal Breath” (Gothic Arts Records, 1993), followed by “Have Fun” mcd (Gothic Arts Records, 1995), “What’s Fear?” (Out of Line, 1999) and the digital-only album “Immer Voran!” (2010). The long gap between SERPENTS albums has enabled the band to continually refine their music production and add complex Dark Electro textures to their signature EBM sound. 

In 2015, Electro Aggression Records (EAR) released the long-awaited fourth SERPENTS album “State of War” along with a revised and expanded edition of “Immer Voran!” The 2CD was met with high praise from EBM connoisseurs and new fans alike. Relive the golden age of EBM with “L’Âge d’Or” 3CD featuring a Best of SERPENTS album (2022 reworks and a brand new track “In your mind”) and the remastered out-of-print tapes + “Terminal Breath” and “Have Fun”. EBM has never sounded better!

Release Date: December 18, 2023

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Serpents – L’Âge d’Or [EAR016]

CD1 – “L’Âge d’Or”

  1. Cyberspace (2022)
  2. Das alte Haus (2022)
  3. Das zweite Leben (2022)
  4. Protection (2022)
  5. Kill what kills you (2022)
  6. In your mind 
  7. Our world (CubeTzarRmx 2022)
  8. Ein Traum (2022)
  9. Gib mir alles (2022)
  10. What is fear? (2022)
  11. “L’Âge d’Or” (2022)
  12. Immer voran! (2022)
  13. Resistance (02/24/2022)
  14. State of war (2022)
  15. Violence (2022)
  16. N.N. (2022)
  17. Cyberspace (Synaptic Defect Mix)
  18. Our world (Decadence Mix by R010R)

CD2 – “The SERPENTS Tapes Part I”

  1. Azrail 
  2. The final silence 
  3. Lonely
  4. No way out 
  5. Wings of darkness 
  6. Burning 
  7. Die Fahrt 
  8. Ironworks II 
  9. Hunting (Nachtcafe) 
  10. Keep a diary (Nachtcafe)
  11. Sinister (Nachtcafe)
  12. No way out (Bürgerhaus) 
  13. Silence (Bürgerhaus) 
  14. Follow me 
  15. Your life
  16. Let your love rain down 
  17. Revolution 
  18. The hatchet 
  19. N.N.

CD3 – “The SERPENTS Tapes Part II”

  1. Die Sonne 
  2. We deserve it 
  3. The rising 
  4. Evil minded 
  5. Dying angels 
  6. Protection 
  7. Kill what kills you 
  8. Das zweite Leben 
  9. Cyberspace 
  10. Control 
  11. The black serpent 
  12. The master 
  13. Have fun (Brain Mix) 
  14. Ironworks III 
  15. Have fun (Dead Mix) 
  16. Our world (Live Mega Mix) 

BONUS TRACKS (included with purchase of hard copy 3CD or all three digital releases):

**Das Alte Haus
**Das Schiff
**L’Age d’Or
**No Tears Anymore

**Cyberspace (Detroit Mix by R010R)

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