R010R | Total Disinformation Awareness [EAR 015]

R010R 'Total Disinformation Awareness' 2CD (EAR 015)

R010R ‘Total Disinformation Awareness’ 2CD (EAR 015)

Michael Renfield has been an integral part of Electro Aggression Records (EAR) family since the label’s inception in 2011. He did enigmatic, eye-catching artworks for EAR bands and crafted stupendous pure OLD-SCHOOL remixes under Soillodge pseudonym. Over the past twelve years, valued customers have repeatedly urged me to release a Soillodge album, but good things take time to materialize and when plans finally come to fruition the end result could take everyone by surprise!

After the demise of his first project Noise Process in 2007, Mike embarked on a new musical journey under the moniker of R010R. He released two well-received albums Gradual Destabilization (Dark Vision Media, 2007) and Unyielding (Basic Unit Productions, 2016) as well as six digital EP’s that showcased his inherent skills and musical versatility. In 2021, Mr. Renfield decided to rekindle his passion for OLD-SCHOOL and unleash a full-fledged, no-holds-barred sonic assault via EAR.

R010R’s jam-packed Total Disinformation Awareness 2CD has taken two years to produce and it conveys a loud and clear message:“There is a ton of disinformation being pushed through official channels and it is designed to keep us in a state of confusion and belligerence towards each other. It is imperative that we recognize and call out this attempt at deceit or we are going to become victims of oppression within our own ‘democratic’ systems.”

Immerse yourself in the mayhem-filled world of Michael Renfield featuring TWENTY hard-as-nails R010R tunes, a collaboration track with labelmates tEaR!doWn and eleven remixes by la crème de la crème of the OLD-SCHOOL Dark Electro/EBM scene, namely PYRROLINE, Index AI, Trilogy, SERPENTS, g.o.l.e.m., Terminal State, Second Disease, Testube, T.A.N.K., Sleepwalk and Synaptic Defect. Dark Electro has never sounded better!

Release Date: December 18, 2023

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R010R – Total Disinformation Awareness [EAR 015]

CD1 – ‘Total Disinformation Awareness’

  1. Narrative Collapse
  2. Data Mask
  3. Night Was Red
  4. Memory Palace
  5. Scorched Path
  6. Ghost of You
  7. Operativ
  8. Shaped Charge
  9. Critical Stage
  10. Body Politic
  11. Litany of Greed
  12. Methods Betray Motive
  13. Hunter Killer Unit
  14. Rotten Genetic
  15. Breaking Causality
  16. Psychosomatic Density

CD2 Instilling OLD-SCHOOL Awareness

  1. I Want to Believe
  2. Was Carbon-Based
  3. Total Enslavement
  4. MI47
  5. Animus Detached (Feat. tEaR!doWn)
  6. Ghost of You (PYRROLINE Remix)
  7. Methods Betray Motive (19AD4 Modification Remix by Index AI)
  8. Psychosomatic Density (Trilogy Remix)
  9. Shaped Charge (SERPENTS Remix)
  10. Operativ (g.o.l.e.m. Remix)
  11. Breaking Causality (Terminal State Remix)
  12. Narrative Collapse (Retold by Second Disease)
  13. Litany of Greed (Testube Remix)
  14. Scorched Path (T.A.N.K. Remix)
  15. Rotten Genetic (Sleepwalk Remix)
  16. Data Mask (Synaptic Defect Remix)

BONUS TRACKS (included with purchase of hard copy DCD or both digital releases):

**Scorched Path (Brain Leisure Remix)
**Litany of Greed (Testube Remix V.2)

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