Pyrroline | In The Dawn of Freedom [EAR010]

Pyrroline 'In The Dawn Of Freedom' cover artwork.

Pyrroline ‘In The Dawn Of Freedom’ cover artwork.

After 4 years of eerie calm, Arnte and Schmoun, aka PYRROLINE, return with a ravishing new album “In the Dawn of Freedom. The band spent years refining their old school electro-industrial sound. They skilfully added depth and complexity to their signature, multi-layered dark electro programming, while remaining true to themselves.

An intricate, luminous work, “In the Dawn of Freedom” is centered around the Croatian War of Independence, also known as Homeland War (Domovinski rat), that lasted from1991 to 1995. The people, who had lived together in relative harmony for decades, started killing each other over a period of 5 years. The Serbs, who had built former Yugoslavia after World War II, did not want to let the Croatians out of the republic to reconstruct the nation-state that had existed centuries before. Many were killed or lost their family, friends and property.

But this album from PYRROLINE does not focus on hate or revenge; it’s more about the brave men who defended the country and who were willing to give their lives for Croatia. It’s about love, possible even in the depth of hell, and it’s about the hope that enabled the Croatians to fight until achieving their own independence. The Croatian people never gave up until their victory in 1995. Most of the people who live outside the affected regions have forgotten the war and its aftermath after less than just 30 years.

It’s important not to forget what happened and to remember the most important lesson: that we are one world, with one people. It’s not only about remembrance; it’s also important to ensure that we do not repeat history again. Today there are more than 18 full-scale wars operating around the world, with additionally 20 smaller, territorial wars. It’s more imperative than ever to appeal to our political leaders to act purposefully for better conflict resolution. We can stop our resentments if we start solving our problems with tolerance and empathy, no matter if we can forgive or forget. We can try it right here and right now. It’s up to every single one of us.

Pyrroline | In The Dawn of Freedom [EAR010]

CD1 Pyrroline “In The Dawn of Freedom”
1) One People
2) Maria
3) Fellow Passenger
4) Nothing to Lose
5) Your Apathy
6) Divine Revelation
7) Dismantled Society
8) A Story for You
9) With You ((Feat. Emdezet)
10) Vukovar
11) Succeed
12) End of the Path
13) Nikad Zaboraviti
14) Lights Out
15) Divine Revelation (Remix by One Eye Wanders)
16) One People (Remix by kFactor)

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