Astma | 600 Pounds of Body [EAR008]

Astma '600 Pounds of Body' cover artwork.

Astma ‘600 Pounds of Body’ cover artwork.

Astma is an old school EBM side-project of Stroma, formed in 2001. The band has gradually developed its own brand of hard-edged old school electronics, skillfully mixing synthpop, punk and minimal EBM. “600 Pounds of Body” is the culmination of 15 years of blood, sweat and tears. The jam/gem-packed album also includes a bonus remix disc featuring la crème de la crème of the old school EBM scene. Prepare yourself for >152 minutes of STELLAR old school electro pleasure!

Astma – 600 Pounds of Body [EAR008]

CD1 “600 Pounds of Body”

  1. Telephone Terror
  2. Unknown Soldier
  3. No Surrender
  4. 449 Metal Bullets (New version)
  5. Suffer and Pain
  6. Perculator
  7. Cut It Short
  8. Snake Bite
  9. Winter Hate
  10. Summer Plagues
  11. Where Are You (New version)?
  12. Mr. Miller
  13. Out of Time
  14. The Director’s Cut
  15. Stalking You
  16. Evil Bitches RIP
  17. Sleepless
  18. Power Plant
  19. Human Decay
  20. Tune In The ESP
  21. A Global Game (New version)
  22. Body in Japan
  23. Dead End (New version)

CD2 “Asthmatic Percussions & Contagious Basslines”

  1. “Mr. Miller” Signal Aout 42 -Skinning Mix
  2. “No Surrender” Armageddon Dildos Remix
  3. “Cut it short” Anstalt Remix
  4. “Suffer & Pain” The Psychic Force Remix
  5. “Mr. Miller” Plastic Noise Experience Remix
  6. “Dead End” Pyrroline Remix
  7. “Power Plant” MRDTC Remix
  8. “Cut it short” Octolab Remix
  9. “Perculator” EkoBrottsMyndigheten -Ta En Kopp Mix
  10. “Mr. Miller” The Blister Exists Remix
  11. “Suffer And Pain” Autodafeh Remix
  12. “Snake Bite” Invoke The Insult Remix
  13. “Tune in the ESP” Cardinal Noire -Basses and Handgrenades Mix
  14. “Unknown Soldier” Serpents Remix
  15. “Mr. Miller” Full Contact 69 Remix
  16. “Body In Japan” DRP Remix
  17. “A Global Game” Ondska Remix
  18. “Snake Bite” Brigade Werther Cover
  19. “Telephone Terror” kFactor Remix
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