Astma "600 Pounds of Body" 2CD

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Astma is an old school EBM side-project of Stroma, formed in 2001.  The band has gradually developed its own brand of hard-edged old school electronics, skillfully mixing synthpop, punk and minimal EBM.  "600 Pounds of Body" is the culmination of 15 years of blood, sweat and tears. The jam/gem-packed album also includes a bonus remix disc featuring la crème de la crème of the old school EBM scene. Prepare yourself for >152 minutes of STELLAR old school electro pleasure!

CD1  "600 Pounds of Body"

1 Telephone Terror
2 Unknown Soldier
3 No Surrender
4 449 Metal Bullets (New version)
5 Suffer and Pain
6 Perculator
7 Cut It Short
8 Snake Bite
9 Winter Hate
10 Summer Plagues
11 Where Are You (New version)?
12 Mr. Miller
13 Out of Time
14 The Director's Cut
15 Stalking You
16 Evil Bitches RIP
17 Sleepless
18 Power Plant
19 Human Decay
20 Tune In The ESP
21 A Global Game (New version)
22 Body in Japan
23 Dead End (New version)

CD2 "Asthmatic Percussions & Contagious Basslines"

1 "Mr. Miller" Signal Aout 42 -Skinning Mix
2 "No Surrender" Armageddon Dildos Remix
3 "Cut it short" Anstalt Remix
4 "Suffer & Pain" The Psychic Force Remix
5 "Mr. Miller" Plastic Noise Experience Remix
6 "Dead End" Pyrroline Remix
7 "Power Plant" MRDTC Remix
8 "Cut it short" Octolab Remix
9 "Perculator" EkoBrottsMyndigheten -Ta En Kopp Mix
10 "Mr. Miller" The Blister Exists Remix
11 "Suffer And Pain" Autodafeh Remix
12 "Snake Bite" Invoke The Insult Remix
13 "Tune in the ESP" Cardinal Noire -Basses and Handgrenades Mix
14 "Unknown Soldier" Serpents Remix
15 "Mr. Miller" Full Contact 69 Remix
16 "Body In Japan" DRP Remix
17 "A Global Game" Ondska Remix
18 "Snake Bite" Brigade Werther Cover
19 "Telephone Terror" kFactor Remix

Astma - 600 Pounds of Body 2CD
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19€ (Europe)

21€ (USA & Canada)

22€ ROW 


kFactor "Ghastly Monolith" 2CD


Electro Aggression Records proudly presents kFactor, the latest addition to its impressive old school electro roster. Junior started toying around with synthesizers in the mid 90s and he developed a great admiration for the Belgian 80s EBM scene. It took him a few years, but Junior has forged a unique approach to EBM: A magnificent blend of Vomito Negro, Signal Aout 42 and The Klinik with a kFactor touch. Immerse yourself into >155 minutes of STELLAR old school electro pleasure!

CD1 "Ghastly Monolith"

01. Error 05:26
02. A Blind Spot 05:38
03. Take a Chance 04:28
04. Claustrophobia 04:12
05. Disorient 05:47
06. Lobotomy 04:43
07. Iron Tree 03:57
08. Prototype 06:14
09. Symmetry 05:48
10. White Monolith 06:41
11. You… Worm! 05:02
12. Parallel 05:43
13. Chrome 04:48
14. Casting Shadows 05:13
15. Full Pressure 04:56

CD2 "Old School Prototype"

01. Humans 05:44
02. Nature's Dreams 04:39
03. Auto-Darwin 04:37
04. Faithful Children 06:07
05. The Right Course 05:29
06. For Vultures 04:35
07. No Land 04:30
08. A Dead Place 05:39
09. Images of a New World 05:41
10. A Dead Place (Jihad Remix) 04:58
11. Symmetry (Pyrroline Remix) 05:06
12. A Blind Spot (Factory Automatic by Soillodge) 04:39
13. Faithful Children (Serpents Remix) 06:00
14. You… Worm! (Astma Remix) 04:53
15. Prototype (Rapid Prototyping byTri-State) 04:59

kFactor - Ghastly Monolith
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21€ (USA & Canada) 

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SERPENTS "State of War" 2CD

2CD jewel ca

After a 5-year hiatus, the cult 80s EBM act SERPENTS is on the verge of staging a remarkable comeback! "State of War" delivers pure, raw and back to basics old school EBM with a signature SERPENTS touch. The 2CD also features a revised and expanded edition of the 2010 digital-only album "Immer Voran!" You better get ready for >152 minutes of STELLAR old school electro pleasure!

CD1 State of War

01. My Life, My Being 4:06
02. Resistance 4:53
03. State of War 5:10
04. I'm Near 3:22
05. Violence 4:17
06. Inside 4:32
07. My Heart Will Beat Again 4:56
08. Undefined, Unknown Desire 3:19
09. Your Master 3:49
10. You Hide 4:42
11. Resistance (PLASTIC NOISE EXPERIENCE Remix) 5:15
12. State of War (kFactor Remix) 4:30
13. Violence (CYBER Remix) 4:45
14. My Heart Will Beat Again (THE PSYCHIC FORCE Remix)4:48
15. Your Master (AD:keY Remix) 4:23
16. Resistance (PYRROLINE Remix) 5:11
17. My Life, My Being (ASTMA Remix) 4:36

CD 2 Immer Voran!

01. Steh auf 4:26
02. Komm noch naeher (v2015) 4:30
03. Immer voran! (v2015) 4:30
04. Folge mir 2:59
05. Erwache 3:36
06. Glaub an mich 4:23
07. Zeig dich 3:01
08. Wer bist du? (v2015) 4:36
09. Waehle 3:50
10. Erinnere dich 2:30
11. Das zweite Leben (v2015) 4:32
12. Wings of Darkness (original mix) 4:41
13. Erwache (PLASTIC NOISE EXPERIENCE extended remix) 6:28
14. Das zweite Leben 4:00
15. Killer Agency (PLASTIC NOISE EXPERIENCE version) 4:32
16. Kill What Kills You (PLASTIC NOISE EXPERIENCE version) 4:11
17. Protection (PLASTIC NOISE EXPERIENCE version) 5:19
18. Second Life (PLASTIC NOISE EXPERIENCE version) 4:15

SERPENTS - State of War
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21€ (USA & Canada) 

22€ ROW 


tEaR!doWn "Clouds Cover The Sun"
2CD jewelcase

The synthpop/dark electro hybrid project tEaR!doWn was born right in the middle of the past decade in Northern Germany. Heavily influenced by seminal North American acts such as Skinny Puppy, Frontline Assembly and Mentallo and the Fixer, the band experimented with various electronic musical instruments and gradually developed their signature sound. In late 2006, Oliver Spring, the former front man of Sleepwalk, joined the crew and added his powerful voice to tEaR!doWn tunes.

From 2008 onwards, tEaR!doWn have played live shows in Germany and Switzerland on a regular basis and continually refined their sound. “Clouds Cover The Sun” is the culmination of 6 years of blood, sweat and tears. The band’s unique blend of synthpop and dark electro masterfully shifts from hard mid and up-temp grooves to beautifully crafted atmospheric undertones, all of this enriched by Spring’s slightly distorted vocals. The album is proudly accompanied by a remix disc, fittingly titled “Torn Down & Reconstructed”, featuring a mouth-watering line up of classic electro acts and mega-talented neo-old school bands. Electro Aggression Records invites you to embark on a journey of glittering dreams and astonishing sonic landscapes!

CD1: “Clouds Cover The Sun”

01 -A Tear Falls Down Part I

02 -Sign From Above

03 -Lost

04 -Disploded Visions (tEaR!doWn vs. nine seconds)

05 -Insight

06 -This Cold Room

07 -Burnt By The Sun

08 -Nerve Conflict (tEaR!doWn vs. Venetian Blind)

09 -Silent Noise

10 -Play Dead

11 -Not From This World

12 -Melt Away (tEaR!doWn vs. [headcleaner])

13 -Would You Follow Me (nocomment vs. tEaR!doWn)

14 -A Tear Falls Down Part II

CD2: “Torn Down & Reconstructed”

1- Addiction - Soillodge RMX

2- Burnt By The Sun - Second Disease RMX

3- Insight - Amnistia RMX

4- Playdead - Framework RMX

5- This Cold Room - Jihad RMX

6- Nerve Conflict - MC1R RMX

7- Silent Noise - Brain Leisure RMX

8- Insight - Pyrroline RMX

9- Burnt By The Sun - Terminal State RMX

10- Lost - Synaptic Defect RMX

11- Sign From Above - To Avoid RMX

12- This Cold Room - One Eye Wanders RMX

13- Insight - Red+Test RMX

14- Not From This World- Mr. AL of Sleepwalk RMX

EU Orders (S&H included)= 16 EUR

Rest of the world (S&H included)= 18 EUR


Pyrroline "Ruins Outlast"

CD jewel case

EU orders (S&H included)= 14 EUR

Rest of the world (S&H included)= 16 EUR

        EU order

3 years after the captivating “Behind the Horizon”, Pyrroline strike back with a smashing complex dark electro masterpiece that will leave you yearning for more! The 15-track album titled “Ruins Outlast” takes you on a journey of hope and despair and captures your thoughts through haunting melodies and intricate synth arrangements, immersing you into the constantly evolving world of Arnte & Schmoun. The mind-blowing 76-minute journey concludes with two electromalicious remixes by Jihad and Red+Test.

1. Disobedience

2. Effulgent

3. Precious Time (feat. Michael Renfield)

4. Again

5. The Round

6. An Animal

7. The Enclave

8. Ruins Outlast - Cultures Fall

9. Incomplete

10. Worlds Sorrow

11. Godmode

12. Only Living (The Holocaust Humanity Cover Song)

13. Ultranova (Outro)

14. Effulgent (Red+Test Remix)

15. Disobedience (Jihad Remix)



Terminal State "Illegal Space Activity"

2 CD jewel case

EU orders (S&H included)= 16 EUR

Rest of the world (S&H included)= 18 EUR

After a 13-year hiatus, Slovakian old school dark electro act Terminal State returns with a crafty, science fiction-themed double album titled “Illegal Space Activity”. The long break has enabled Chris XX and Minor to hone their musical skills and take Terminal State’s complex dark electro sound to new heights. The main album features hypnotizing tracks such as Andromeda, Natural City and My Blood as well as the ear-shattering tunes Ultraviolet Coma, Last Prophecy and Fatalist. The bonus disc, intriguingly called Trespassed Area 53, features remixes by Brain Leisure, Jihad, Pyrroline and tEaR!doWn along with six bonus mesmerizing tracks. Indulge yourself into Terminal State’s outer

space world!

CD1: “Illegal Space Activity”

1- Perished

2- Early Warning

3- Fatalist

4- Andromeda

5- Symmetry of the Shadows

6- Ultraviolet Coma

7- Last Prophecy

8- Devastating Toxicity

9- Sleepless Night

10- My Blood

11- Selection

12- Outbreak

13- Natural City

CD2: “Trespassed Area 53”

1- Natural City (Jihad RMX)

2- Ultraviolet Coma (Brain Leisure RMX)

3- My Blood (Brain Leisure RMX)

4- Fatalist (Pyrroline RMX)

5- Last Prophecy (tEaR!doWn RMX)

6- Andromeda (Terminal State RMX)

7- Luc Cipher

8- Under Control

9- Infra Mental

10- We’re from Earth

11- Kings from the Sky

12- Digging Deep



Object “Mechanisms of Faith”

2 CD digipak

EU orders (S&H included)= 19 EUR

Rest of the world (S&H included)= 21 EUR

Nearly four years after the release of the critically acclaimed album "The Ethane Asylum," Object returns with a mind-boggling multi-layered dark elektro masterpiece titled "Mechanisms of Faith." The new album takes you on a sonic stroll down memory lane to relive the glorious days of electro-industrial music. Andreas Malik’s complex sound arrangements are skillfully executed and eloquently put together. Expect nothing less than pristine performance from this gifted musician.

CD1 “Mechanisms of Faith”

01. Mescaline Crisis (Feat. Fix 8:Sed8)

02. Neural Explosions

03. The Mechanisms of Faith

04. Dream Collector

05. State of Reality

06. Blind Obedience

07. Under Zero Halo

08. Distant Memories

09. Soul Seeking (Feat. LPF12)

10. Morphine Desire

11. For Eternity

12. Density of Fear

13. Urban Claustrophobia

14. Empires in Peril (Album version)

15. Each Slow Turn

CD2 “Old School Conspiracy”

01. Blood Patch (Robotiko Rejekto remix)

02 .Blood Patch Part 2 (Controlled Fusion remix)

03. Density of Fear (Brain Leisure remix)

04. Mescaline Crisis (Sleepwalk Burnout mix)

05. Mescaline Crisis (Acoasm by Second Disease)

06. Blood Patch (Alternative instrumental version 2001)

07. Morphine Desire (Analgetic tb-mix by amGod)

08. Mescaline Crisis (Red+Test remix)

09. Morphine desire (Reform) by One Eye Wanders

10. Existence on Trial Abscess(ed) by Abscess

11. Morphine Desire (Jihad remix)

12. Existence on Trial (Pyrroline remix)

13. Static Motion (Unreleased demo)

14. End of Line (Unreleased demo)



V/A “Old School Electrology Vol. I”

4 CD digipak boxset [limited edition]

EU orders (S&H included)= 52 EUR

Rest of the world (S&H included)= 55 EUR

Finally every old school fan's dream come true: classic electro acts and mega-talented neo-old school bands have joined forces to deliver over 5 hours of STELLAR old school pleasure! After the success of Grandchaos “In Sedens” EP DCD, Electro Aggression Records (EAR)/Cop International proudly presents “Old School Electrology Volume I”, a relentless “shock & awe” electro assault featuring 64 all exclusive tracks, 4 revamped demo tunes never before released on CD, and 13 exclusive remixes by la crème de le crème of the old school scene.

CD1 Old School EBM

Agrezzior “Statue of Liberty” 3:54

Astma “Honor and Glory” 3:00

Darkmen “Take It Back” 3:35

DRP “Electro Pussy” 4:35

EkoBrottsMyndigheten “Get Your Fists Up” * 3:40

Ionic Vision “Hate” 3:58

K-bereit “Blackened” 3:59

Lescure 13 “Destruktor” (Pouppée Fabrikk cover) ** 3:51

MachineSoldier “Body Anonymous” 4:26

Oldschool Union “Perkele” 3:17

Ondska “Storm” 4:02

Orange Sector “Noise (Head Mix)” * 4:15

Pact of Warsaw “Domination” 4:08

PP? “Repression (Dental Exilanation Remix)” * 5:47

Presto Fervant “Bullseye” 3:25

Serpents “Komm Naeher” * 4:30

Spark! “Modern Slaves” 3:34

Synaptic Defect “Electrofreak” 3:49

T.A.N.K. “Game of Men” 4:20

UGH…! “Rage Against Trancewhackedgoregalore” 3:38

Total Playing Time: 79:55

CD2 Authentic Dark Elektro

Terminal State “Black Salt” 5:02

IC 434 “Skullwatch (Primal Beats)” * 4:36

Brain Leisure “Self Reality” 4:25

Amnistia “Pretended” 5:35

Morgue Mechanism “Simulation” 4:31

Second Disease “Ecstatic” 4:19

Necrotek “Revenant” 3:54

Severe Illusion “My Car Is Burning In Hell” 3:43

Nordschlacht “The Collective” * 5:07

Pro Patria “H2S04” 3:13

Red+Test “Holy War” 5:28

Object “Humiliating Procedures” 4:38

tEaR!doWn “Tempting Harlots” 4:43

Seven Trees “Present Decay” **  3:19

Putrefy Factor 7 “Confrontation” 4:27

God Experiment “Shiver” 5:46

Trial “Brothers In Arms- Old School Mission” *  3:30

Morticians “Art of Pain” *  3:34

Total Playing Time: 79:59

CD3 Assemblage: Authentic Dark Elektro & Old School EBM

To Avoid “Payback” 4:20

Breathe “Im Raum Der Zeit” 4:15

Disharmony “Access Points” 4:07

deltaE (Mortal Constraint) “Acceleration” 6:20

MC1R “Neuropathy” 5:54

kAlte fArben “Retrospective” 4:11

The Holocaust Humanity “Alive” 3:46

Jihad “Seven Skies” 7:03

yelworC “Teufels Dreizack Part 1” 5:02

Splatter Squall “The Summoning” 6:00

One Eye Wanders “Misdiagnosis” 4:34

Instans “Robot” 4:32

Collapsed System “Stay Tough” 4:55

Autodafeh “Dog Tag” 3:24

A.D.A.C. 8286 “Störtebecker” 2:10

Neukampf “Duell Duet” 2:20

NTRSN “The Coming Ends” 3:38

Tech Nomader “Nomad” * 2:48

Total Playing Time: 79:28

CD4 Amalgamation: Old School EBM & Authentic Dark Elektro

Armageddon Dildos “Out of Control” 3:56

Digital Factor “Electric Body” 4:33

Guerrilla “Walk Away” 4:02

Sleepwalk “Final Curtain” 4:14

The Blister Exists “For The Squad” 4:33

Injector “Scream” 4:33

Haujobb “Letting The Demons Sleep” * 4:40

Venetian Blind “Instead of Tears” 5:33

Total Harmonic Distortion “Reversions/Mutations” 4:19

Elite! “So Wie Wir” 3:39

Kraft “Meine Liebe” 3:00

Stin Scatzor “Noise in My Stomach” ** 2:54

Frontal “Zeig Mir” * 3:38

tri-state “avatar (king klang KHAOS)” 5:02

amGod “Deathrider” 4:47

U.M.M.”Cocktail Molotov” 3:19

Kraftakt “Ich Bin Nicht Da” 3:00

Defecto Nagrobek “Ich War Ein Knabe” 3:17

BodyFarm “EBM Macht Stark” 3:00

Page 12 “Season’s End” 3:51

Total Playing Time: 79:59

+ Virtual Diamonds

Parade Ground & P. Codenys “Marble Mind” * 3:50

Container 90 “Bla Bla Bla” ** 3:55

Kälteidiotie “Old School Addicts” 3:08

Mekanik Disorder “Am I Falling?” 4:38

Void Kampf  “Karmeliet (Uno Mix By Collapsed System) * 4:45

All exclusive tracks except

* exclusive remix

** revamped demo tune never released on cd


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